Del 9 | Creating a sustainable solidaristic society: a manual – Bo Rothstein

The starting point for this manual for creating a sustainable solidaristic society is the following: For a vast majority of people, human well-being would be improved if political and social inequality would decrease. The problem is how this can be achieved, given available knowledge and resources? This manual is an effort to summarize the policy relevant results of what is now my twenty years of research into this problem.

One central message in this manual is that the level of solidarity in a country is not culturally determined. Another central message is that policy measures for increased equality in a society are influenced by, but cannot be sustained over longer periods only by, interest-based political mobilization. Thus, I will argue against cultural determinism as well as against different interest based theories such as neo-classic economic theory or interests-based variants of Marxism.

My argument is that political choices are important, and most important is how central political institutions are designed. In other words: increased political, social and economic equality is something that can be manufactured by the design of political institutions.

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