Filmvisning och samtal Stories and Seeds film forums: Apple Grown in Wind Tunnel

29 Nov 2017 00:18 - 29 Nov 2017 20:00
Salongen at KTH Biblioteket, Stockholm

The third session of of the Stories and Seeds film-forums will revolve around toxic embodiment with the screening of the short film “Apple Grown in Wind Tunnel” (2000). The event will be chaired by professor Cecilia Åsberg, chair of Nature, Gender and Culture at Linköping University and former director of the Seed Box environmental humanities hub. Cecilia’s main research interests include toxic embodiment, gender studies and post-human environmental ethics among others.

A seminal piece of the toxic-movie genre, “Apple Grown in Wind Tunnel” (2000) follows the activities of an underground network of ill people, desperate to create alternative methods of self-care in a world where natural resources are disappearing. In this tale of illness and grassroots conjuring against contemporary malaise, artist Steven Matheson examines the meaning of health, disease and well-being in the post-industrial world.

Admission is free, and a refreshment will be served to the attendees after the event.

The event is co-organized by the KTH Environmental Humanities Laboratory and Arena Idé. Stories and Seeds is a project funded by the KTH Sustainability Office.