Movement Lawyers

The road towards a society-changing law – of power, civil society and the need for new lawyers

Rami Al-Khamisi has written the rapport he himself had wanted to read as a new law student and as an organizer. To be strengthened and inspired. To get the proper tools. In order to use the law to push back social inequalities that have long washed over us.

The rapport is based on Rami Al-Khamisis journey, from the law as self-defense to the law of grassroots organizers ring service. It also draws on a study trip to the United States in the fall of 2015. The rapport concludes with ten principles for business lawyers for social justice.

Rami Al-Khamisi grew up in Stockholm suburb of Husby. He is a law student at Stockholm University and a founder of the urban justice movement megaphone. Rami has since 2008 played a prominent role in the social movements in a million programs and worked with grassroots organizing, democratic development and advocacy. In February of 2017 Rami Al-Khamisi received Unescos LUCS scholarship for his work promoting a sustainable intercultural society.

Click here to download the rapport.