Scocco skriver i Social Europe om invandringens vinster

Hur påverkas ett lands offentliga ekonomi av invandring? Arena Idés chefsekonom Sandro Scocco skriver om hur länders ekonomi påverkas invandring på Social Europe.

Immigration seems to be a very good thing if you look at economic research, and not just in terms of benefits for public finances in the long run, but also for natives and even low-skilled natives. Fewer dirty jobs with better pay – who can say no to that? If this were a more common perception in UK, maybe even the Brexit debate would look a bit different. One reason for this might be that studies often used to calculate the “cost” of immigration, so-called cross-sectional calculation, have a methodological flaw which makes the result bleaker than it should be.

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Arena Idé i medier, Blogg